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Курорт Лак-ле-Жеун

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Провинция Канады:
British Columbia

Курорт Лак-ле-Жеун, по-английски Lac le Jeune Resort. Административное расположение: Канада, провинция British Columbia.

В Курорт Лак-ле-Жеун используется система искуственного оснежения и снегоподготовки.
Телефон 250 372-2722
The park is located 23 miles (37 km) south of Kamloops and 30 miles (47 km) north of Merritt off Highway 5. From Highway 5, take the Lac Le Jeune exit (Lac Le Jeune Park Drive), or take the paved Lac Le Jeune Park Drive from Highway 1 (18 miles/29 km).

Описание по-английски Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park is the largest and most northerly provincial campground in the Coquihalla Highway area. Lac Le Jeune is one of the bigger lakes in a region characterized by hundreds of pocket-sized ponds, many of which provide serenity in the midst of splendid isolation.
The 213-hectare park sits at a higher elevation than the neighbouring Thompson and Nicola Valleys, providing a refreshingly cooler climate during the summer months, and a welcome relief from the desert conditions of the valleys to the north and south. The park protects forests of lodgepole pine, Douglas fir and spruce, as well as marshlands on the east side of Lac Le Jeune. The park also protects two Native archaeological sites, a provincially significant trout fishery and important upland and riparian habitats surrounding portions of Lac Le Jeune.
Although there are no developed cross-country ski trails at Lac Le Jeune, skiers willing to cut their own tracks use the park in winter. The network of informal trails and old roads that circle the lake total about 70 km, and connect to the groomed Stake Lake Cross-Country Ski Trail system (160 km - user fee charged) located 2 to 3 km to the north. Note that there is no accommodation or vehicle access to the park during winter. Mountain bikers and hikers use these trails during the summer.

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